Erzählen. Reflexionen im Zeitalter der Digitalisierung


The ability to tell stories is one of the central elements of human culture. We cope with reality and give meaning to it through stories – on the level of social communication as well as on the individual level of coping with everyday life. Such integrative power inherent to the term Storytelling is perhaps the most important reason why it has become a key term in various subjects over the past years, especially in connection with the appropriation of reality through human beings. This volume is based on a conference organized by the interdisciplinaryInnsbruck Media Studies (IMS) at the University of Innsbruck. Various positions, practices, media, structures, virtual realms, and recipients of Digital Storytelling are the subject of discussion.
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Gächter, Yvonne; Ortner, Heike; Schwarz, Claudia; Wiesinger, Andreas(Hg.): Erzählen. Reflexionen im Zeitalter der Digitalisierung. Innsbruck: Innsbruck University Press 2008. DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.25969/mediarep/19764.
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