NECSUS Editorial Board:

Editorial NECSUS

S. 1-3

Kai Matuszkiewicz; Franziska Weidle:

At the threshold into new worlds: Virtual reality game worlds beyond narratives

S. 5-23

Jiří Anger:

(Un)Frozen expressions: Melodramatic moment, affective interval, and the transformative powers of experimental cinema

S. 25-47

Ljudmila Bilkić:

‘The refugee is … FOOD FOR BIOPOLITICS’: Critical knowledgescapes in Ursula Biemann’s CONTAINED MOBILITY and X-MISSION

S. 49-69

Calum Watt:

Iconomy of the derivative image: Effacing the visual currency in Société Réaliste’s THE FOUNTAINHEAD

S. 71-90

Pedro Querido:

Mid-twentieth century radio art: The ontological insecurity of the radio text

S. 91-111

Special section: #Gesture

edited by Miriam de Rosa

Miriam de Rosa:

On gesture, or of the blissful promise

S. 113-128

Janet Harbord:

The autistic gesture: Film as neurological training

S. 129-148

Marco Dalla Gassa:

‘Pure gesturality’: Exploring cinematic encounters through exotic dancing

S. 149-168

Christa Blümlinger:

The filmed body and the cinematic gesture: Zoe Beloff’s revisions

S. 169-188

Nicole De Brabandere; Alanna Thain:

Drawing light: Gesture and suspense in the weave

S. 189-211

Tina Kendall:

(Not) doing it for the Vine: #Boredom Vine videos and the biopolitics of gesture

S. 213-233

Jennifer O’Meara:

Touchscreens, tactility, and material traces: From avant-garde artists to Instagram ASMRtists

S. 235-262

Darren Berkland:

Selfie-screen-sphere: Examining the selfie as a complex, embodying gesture

S. 263-283

Festival reviews:

edited by Marijke de Valck, Skadi Loist, and Antoine Damiens

Jülide Etem:

Film diplomacy in action at the 23rd Boston Turkish Festival: A critical look at immigrants efforts to promote Turkish culture

S. 285-297

Ger Zielinski:

Reflections on Montreal’s Elektra festival, its twentieth edition, and the exhibition of digital media art

S. 299-308

Antoine Damiens:

Fields of Loves: Historicising and defining (French) queerness

S. 309-314

Exhibition reviews:

edited by Miriam de Rosa and Leo Goldsmith

Jesse Cumming:

Blackout / IFFR

S. 315-320

Jonathan Klamer:

Both inside the circle and out: Béla Tarr’s MISSING PEOPLE at the Vienna Festival

S. 321-331

Book reviews:

edited by Lavinia Brydon and Victoria Pastor-González

Georgia Aitaki:

Media Experiences / Popularizing Japanese TV

S. 333-340

Fatima Chinita:

Pinpointing the ‘cinematic’ in twenty-first century art: ‘Dreamlands’ / ‘On Desire’

S. 341-350

Alina Predescu:

Female Authorship and the Documentary Image / Female Agency and Documentary Strategies

S. 351-359

Audiovisual essays:

edited by Tracy Cox-Stanton

Tracy Cox-Stanton:

Gesture and videographic writing: Manifesting the ‘in between’

S. 361-364

Tracy Cox-Stanton:

Gesture in A WOMAN UNDER THE INFLUENCE, a charting of relations

S. 365-370

Evelyn Kreutzer:

The Mighty Maestro on Screen

S. 371-374

A Zinsel:

Hands, Up

S. 375-376