Anna Lisa Ramella; Asko Lehmuskallio; Tristan Thielmann; Pablo Abend:

Introduction: Mobile Digital Practices. Situating People, Things, and Data

S. 5-18

I. Field Research and Case Studies

Geoffrey Hobbis:

The MicroSDs of Solomon Islands: An Offline Remittance Economy of Digital Multi-Media

S. 21-39

Anne Ganzert; Theresa Gielnik; Philip Hauser; Julia Ihls; Isabell Otto:

In the Footsteps of Smartphone-Users: Traces of a Deferred Community in INGRESS and POKÉMON GO

S. 41-57

Donald N. Anderson:

Digital Mediation, Soft Cabs, and Spatial Labour

S. 59-75

Jamie Coates:

So ‘Hot’ Right Now: Reflections on Virality and Sociality from Transnational Digital China

S. 77-97

Samuel Gerald Collins:

Twitter in Place: Examining Seoul’s Gwanghwamun Plaza through Social Media Activism

S. 99-121

Marion Schulze:

Screen Screen Tourism

S. 123-141

Maria Schreiber:

Audiences, Aesthetics and Affordances: Analysing Practices of Visual Communication on Social Media

S. 143-163

Elisa Serafinelli; Mikko Villi:

Mobile Mediated Visualities: An Empirical Study of Visual Practices on Instagram

S. 165-182

Stefan Werning:

‘Re-appropriating’ Facebook?: Web API mashups as Collective Cultural Practice

S. 183-204

II. Entering the Field

Julia M. Hildebrand:

Situating Hobby Drone Practices

S. 207-218

Rashmi M.:

The Inchoate Field of Digital Offline: A Reflection on Studying Mobile Media Practices of Digital Subalterns in India

S. 219-227

Cherry Baylosis:

Mad Practices and Mobilities: Bringing Voices to Digital Ethnography

S. 229-236

Nadia Hakim Fernández:

An Experimental Autoethnography of Mobile Freelancing

S. 237-247

III. In Conversation with …

Heather Horst; David Morley; Noel B. Salazar; Roger Norum:

The Practice of Practice: Heather Horst, David Morley, and Noel B. Salazar in Conversation with Roger Norum

S. 251-267