NECSUS Editorial Board

Editorial Necsus

S. 1-2

Witt, Michael

In search of Godard’s SAUVE LA VIE (QUI PEUT)

S. 3-26

Chao, Jenifer

Oppositional banality: Watching ordinary Muslims in LITTLE MOSQUE ON THE PRAIRIE

S. 27-45

Merás, Lidia; Wright, Sarah

Dancing in the sun: The musical as touristic hook in HONEYMOON

S. 47-65

van den Oever, Annie; Mulvey, Laura; Rogers, Anna Backman

Feminist film studies 40 years after VISUAL PLEASURE AND NARRATIVE CINEMA, a triologue

S. 67-79

Audiovisual essays

edited by Cristina Álvarez López and Adrian Martin

López, Cristina Álvarez; Martin, Adrian

The audiovisual essay as art practice

S. 81-83

Grant, Catherine

Film studies in the groove? Rhythmising perception in Carnal Locomotive

S. 85-90

Brophy, Philip

Club Video

S. 91-92

Special section: Animals

guest edited by Barbara Creed and Maarten Reesink

Creed, Barbara; Reesink, Maarten

Animals, images, anthropocentrism

S. 95-105

Pick, Anat

Why not look at animals?

S. 107-125

Pettman, Dominic

When Lulu met the Centaur: Photographic traces of creaturely love

S. 127-144

Smaill, Belinda

Tasmanian tigers and polar bears: The documentary moving image and (species) loss

S. 145-162

McMahon, Laura

Cinematic slowness, political paralysis? Animal life in BOVINES, with Deleuze and Guattari

S. 163-180

Hockenhull, Stella

Horseplay: Equine performance and creaturely acts in cinema

S. 181-198

Tyler, Tom

Cows, clicks, ciphers, and satire

S. 199-208

Book reviews

edited by Lavinia Brydon and Alena Strohmaier (NECS Publication Committee)

Scaglioni, Massimo

Television studies reloaded: From history to text

S. 209-214

Wahlberg, Malin

The documentary film book

S. 215-219

Çağlayan, Emre

Storytelling in the media convergence age: Exploring screen narratives

S. 220-226

Freeman, Adam Ludford

EDUCATION IN THE SCHOOL OF DREAMS: Travelogues and early nonfiction film

S. 227-233

Festival reviews

edited by Marijke de Valck and Skadi Loist (Film Festival Research Network)

Vandergeerde, Sarah; Suchá, Lenka; Schumacher, Anne; Maciver, Frances; Gialitis, Aleksas; Celeste, Aidan; Butt, Marina; Bower, Molly; de Valck, Marijke; Baars, Fanny

Dossier: International Film Festival Rotterdam 2015

S. 235-247

Steinhart, Daniel

Dispatches from the dark: A conversation with Neil Young at the 2015 International Film Festival Rotterdam

S. 248-254

Harkema, Gert Jan

Hollywood legacies and Russian laughter: Le Giornate del Cinema Muto / Pordenone Silent Film Festival 2014

S. 255-260

Burgess, Diane

We can haz film fest!: Internet Cat Video Festival goes viral

S. 261-268

Exhibition reviews

edited by Miriam De Rosa and Malin Wahlberg (NECS Publication Committee)

Albuquerque, Paula

Too much world: A Hito Steyerl retrospective

S. 269-278

Åkervall, Lisa

McMansion of media excess: Ryan Trecartin’s and Lizzie Fitch’s SITE VISIT

S. 279-286

Eriksson, Olivia

Reaching out!: Activating space in the art of Olafur Eliasson

S. 287-293

Torchin, Leshu

David Reeb: Traces of Things to Come

S. 293-299