This Working Paper Series is edited by the Collaborative Research Center Media of Cooperation and serves as a platform to circulate work in progress or preprints in order to encourage the exchange of ideas. Please contact the authors if you have any questions or comments.
The Working Papers are accessible here or via the website and can be ordered in print by sending an email to Publication of the series is funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG).

Thomas Haigh; Sebastian Gießmann (2023)

Defining Digitalities III: What’s Digital About Digital Media? (Working Paper Series 32)

Thomas Haigh; Sebastian Gießmann (2023)

Defining Digitalities II: What’s Digital About Digital Communication? (Working Paper Series 31)

Thomas Haigh (2023)

Defining Digitalities I: What’s Digital about Digits? (Working Paper Series 30)

Nina ter Laan (2023)

“Anything can happen on a smartphone...” Mutual explorations of digitalization and social transformation in Morocco’s High Atlas through On/Offine Theatre Ethnography. (Working Paper Series 29)

Noortje Marres; Philippe Sormani (2023)

Testing ‘AI’: Do We Have a Situation? A Conversation (Working Paper Series 28)

Franziska Weidle; Judith Schein; Astrid Vogelpohl; Tobias Leßner (2023)

Computational Correspondences. Die Software Korsakow als Katalysator für eine Korrespondenz mit digitaler Materialität in medienethnografscher Forschung (Working Paper Series 27)

Clemens Knobloch (2023)

Simulierte Nähe. Über die Reaktionen der „Qualitätszeitungen“ und des öfentlich-rechtlichen Rundfunks auf die wachsende Macht der digitalen Online-Medien (Working Paper Series 26)

Stefan Laser (2023)

Obsoleszenz statt Transformation im Schienenverkehr. Über die Rolle der Bahn in der ökologischen Verkehrswende, eine Grüne Welle auf der Schiene und Hoffnungen in eine Kupplungsrevolution (Working Paper Series 25)

Birgit Griesecke; Werner Kogge (2022)

Mit Wittgenstein Arbeiten. Ein Methoden Manual (Working Paper Series 24)

Tim Hector; Franziska Niersberger-Gueye; Franziska Petri; Christine Hrncal (2022)

The ‘Conditional Voice Recorder’. Data practices in the co-operative advancement and implementation of data-collection technology (Working Paper Series 23)

Anne Warfield Rawls; Waverly Duck (2022)

In den USA ist in alltäglichen Interaktionen ein stillschweigender Rassismus institutionalisiert. Und anderswo? (Working Paper Series 22)

Erhard Schüttpelz (2021)

From Instruments to Containers, from Containers to Media. The Extensions of the Body (Working Paper Series 21)

Fernando N. van der Vlist; Anne Helmond; Marcus Burkhardt; Tatjana Seitz (2021)

The Technicity of Platform Governance: Structure and Evolution of Facebook’s APIs (Working Paper Series 20)

Jörg Potthast (2021)

Lost and Found. Transforming Assistance at Digital Deutsche Bahn (Working Paper Series 19)

Magdalena Götz; Sam Hind; Danny Lämmerhirt; Hannah Neumann; Anastasia-Patricia Och; Sebastian Randerath; Tatjana Seitz (2021)

In the Spirit of Addition.Taking a ‚Practice + Approach‘ to Studying Media (Working Paper Series 18)

Gießmann, Sebastian (2020)

Identifizieren: Theorie und Geschichte einer Medienpraktik (Working Paper Series 17)

Lehmuskallio, Asko; Lampinen, Airi (2020)

Material Mediations Complicate Communication Privacy Management. The Case Of Wilma In Finnish High Schools (Working Paper Series 16)

Genner, Julian (2020)

To everything, turn, turn, turn? Taking stock of the practice turn in social theory, sociology, and media studies (Working Paper Series 15)

Hector, Tim Moritz; Hrncal, Christine (2020)

Intelligente Persönliche Assistenten im häuslichen Umfeld. Erkenntnisse aus einer linguistischen Pilotstudie zur Erhebung audiovisueller Interaktionsdaten (Working Paper Series 14)

Erbacher, Christian (2019)

Das Drama von Tübingen. Eine Humanities and Technology Story (HTS) (Working Paper Series 13)

Henrich-Franke, Christian (2019)

The Mickey Mouse Telephone. An Icon of Turning Tides in the Relationship Between the State, the Economy and Society in 1980s Germany (Working Paper Series 12)

Garfinkel, Harold (2019)

Common Sense Knowledge of Social Structures (1959). A Paper distributed at the Session on the Sociology of Knowledge, Fourth World Congress of Sociology, Stresa, Italy, September 12, 1959 (Working Paper Series 11)

Priestley, Mark; Haigh, Thomas (2019)

Colossus: The Missing Manual (Working Paper Series 10)

Thielmann, Tristan (2019)

Sensormedien (Working Paper Series 9)

Gherardi, Silvia (2019)

Practice as a collective and knowledgeable doing (Working Paper Series 8)

Boltanski, Luc (2019)

Reality and its twin: The thematic of conspiracy in political metaphysics (Working Paper Series 7)

Appadurai, Arjun (2019)

Mediants and the Making of Narrative Assemblages (Working Paper Series 6)

Schmidt, Kjeld; Wagner, Ina (2018)

Writ large. On the logics of the spatial ordering of coordinative artefacts in cooperative work (Working Paper Series 5)

Dieter, Michael; Gerlitz, Carolin; Helmond, Anne, et al. (2018)

Store, interface, package, connection. Methods and propositions for multi-situated app studies (Working Paper Series 4)

Haigh, Thomas (2018)

Finding a Story for the History of Computing (Working Paper Series 3)

Gießmann, Sebastian (2017)

Drawing the Social: Jacob Levy Moreno, Sociometry, and the Rise of Network Diagrammatics (Working Paper Series 2)

Schüttpelz, Erhard (2017)

Hunter into prey. Trying to make sense of the »Media Revolution« at Göbekli Tepe (Working Paper Series 1)