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Editorial NECSUS

S. 1–3

Pitassio, Francesco

A conversation with Pierre Sorlin about film studies, film and history, and European cinema

S. 5–14

Le Maître, Barbara

The film is the museum: Ken Jacobs, Gus Van Sant, Mark Lewis, and Pierre Perrault

S. 15–30

Albuquerque, Paula

Haunting surveillance: Foregrounding the spectre of the medium in CCTV and military drones

S. 31–50

Colta, Alexandra-Maria; Vélez-Serna, María A.

Between scenes: Glasgow’s alternative film spaces in the 1990s

S. 51–68

Weber, Anne-Katrin

Television as new media: Raymond-Millet’s TÉLÉVISION: OEIL DE DEMAIN (1947) and the politics of French experimental TV

S. 69–89

Special section: #Emotions

edited by Jens Eder, Julian Hanich, and Jane Stadler

Eder, Jens; Hanich, Julian; Stadler, Jane

Media and emotion: An introduction

S. 91–104

Hven, Steffen

The affective niches of media

S. 105–123

Bollmer, Grant

Books of faces: Cultural techniques of basic emotions

S. 125–150

Plantinga, Carl

Brecht, emotion, and the reflective spectator: The case of BLACKKKLANSMAN

S. 151–169

Pribram, E. Deidre

Strategic pleasure: Gendered anger as collective emotion in WANTED

S. 171–189

Moss-Wellington, Wyatt

The emotional politics of limerence in romantic comedy films

S. 191–209

Richard, David Evan

Episodes of depression: Existential feelings and embodiment in SHARP OBJECTS

S. 211–229

Brown, David W R

Dreading the future: Narrative dread in BETTER CALL SAUL and contemporary television

S. 231–248

Exhibition reviews:

edited by Miriam de Rosa and Leo Goldsmith

Mavrokordopoulou, Kyveli

Digging deeper: On horizontal and vertical landscapes

S. 249–258

Soni, Roma Madan

Nothing to Write Home About

S. 259–271

Book reviews:

edited by Lavinia Brydon and Victoria Pastor-González

Ozgen-Tuncer, Asli

Historiographies of women in early cinema

S. 273–281

Valente, Donatella

European heritage and television

S. 283–291

Audiovisual essays:

edited by Catherine Grant and Jaap Kooijman

Grant, Catherine; Kooijman, Jaap

New ways of seeing (and hearing): The audiovisual essay and television

S. 293–297

Mittel, Jason

How Black Lives Matter in THE WIRE: A video essay

S. 299–300

McCabe, Janet

Bodies at the border: Transnational co-produced TV drama and its gender politics in the pilots of BRON/BROEN and adaptions, THE BRIDGE and THE TUNNEL

S. 301–308

Llamas-Rodriguez, Juan

The Female Narcotrafficker‘s Tongue | La Lengua de la Narcotraficante

S. 309–311

Restivo, Angelo

BREAKING BAD and surrealism

S. 313–316