Formate und User_innen als   Akteur_innen der Innovation

Author(s): Veigl, Thomas


The article gives an insight into the computer game-hacking of the 1990s on the example of the ego-shooter-game Quake and discusses the development of the film form of Machinima as open innovation. The storage format for Quake game demos DEM stood at the center of the misuse, appropriation and adaptation of media technology by computer gamers. A historical classification of Machinima and its theoretisation in actor-network theory is followed by an exemplary analysis of technical-human access to game demos through hacking practices and the production of the first machinima films. The article concludes with a reflection on networking in the context of open innovation and copyright issues.

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Veigl, Thomas: Formate und User_innen als   Akteur_innen der Innovation. In: Zeitschrift für Medienwissenschaft, Jg. 12 (2020), Nr. 1, S. 74-86. DOI: 10.25969/mediarep/13658.
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