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Produktionsbericht THE DOORS OF PERCEPTION

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THE DOORS OF PERCEPTION is a media production for digital and immersive 360-degreedome- projection (full-dome video) combined with 3D audio technology. The fulldome film was dramaturgical designed and implemented from scratch for the interaction of immersive images and sounds. The content of the film is a tribute to the essay THE DOORS OF PERCEPTION written by Aldous Huxley in 1954 and thus an artistic investigation of the perception of immersive projection rooms.

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Klänge, Musik & Soundscapes
Institut für immersive Medien (ifim) (2014)
Preferred Citation
Heinsohn, Ralph; Varga, Johannes: Produktionsbericht THE DOORS OF PERCEPTION. In: : . Marburg: Schüren 2014, S. 107-111. DOI:
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